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Samy aka Salomon Bouzaglo is not only banned from Germany and France for criminal activity (drug charges, threats and extortion) but the US has been trying to deport him for two years! "Samy" aka Salomon Bouzaglo is involved in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement case to revoke his residency status

Click here to read Amy's (aka Amanda Bossingham) criminal record / bench warrant for identify theft, bank fraud, misuse of a social security number.

PR Firm Pulls Out : The Scottsdale-based firm will stop representing Amy's Baking Company after Tuesday's grand reopening. Rose said the two parties disagreed over public-relations strategies but declined to elaborate.

(aka the stupid assholes wouldn't listen to their own PR firm)

Real friendly atmosphere outside !

Amy Bouzaglo - Criminal Record and Bank Fraud History (see her criminal record below)

Samy / Salomon Bouzaglo - Self Proclaimed Israeli Gangster
(probably why he's so cheap)

MAY 16 - Dept. of Labor: Amy's Baking Company may be in violation of law

"DOL regulations make clear that under the Fair Labor Standards Act tips are the property of the employee whether or not the employer has taken a tip credit," said Deanne Amaden in an email.
"An employer is prohibited from using an employee's tips, whether or not it has taken a tip credit, for any reason other than as a partial credit against its minimum wage obligation to the employee or in furtherance of a valid tip pool (i.e., a pool including only customarily and regularly tipped employees)."

Amy Bouzaglo - Criminal Record : Jailed For Bank Fraud

Jailed 14 Months for Bank Fraud (PDF)

Kitchen Nightmares - Amy's Baking Company (Full Episode / HD Version)

Jailed for 14 Months for Bank Fraud : Amy Bouzaglo

Defendant, Amanda Bossingham (now Amanda Bouzaglo), through undersigned counsel, respectfully requests this Court to extend her current self-surrender date of July 7, 2008, for approximately ninety (90) days. Additionally, Ms. Bouzaglo respectfully requests this Court to consider modifying her sentence of fourteen months impr isonment. This Motion is supported by following Memorandum of Points and Authorities

Her Reply to an honest Yelp Review :

Ok slut, who's the bully? Go back to stripping in vegas, and Salomon can go back to being an Israeli gangster pushing Matzos. Meow !

"This is what they call Internet War"

Finally, feel free to try to get this page taken down you filty scam artists, you can't. Registered in Panama, hosted with 1984 in Iceland.

Welcome to Iceland, a country of freedom and protection from assholes like you. Oh, and that free speech thing, they're big on that :D

Go back and try photoshopping another Reddit Thread or making idle threats, they're a laugh.

Today marks the beginning of the end of your business, you greedy thieves. Don't mess with us.

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